‘Iekwat,’ a sublime word that represents the essence of togetherness in the Kashmiri language, quintessentially summarises us. The Kashmiri craft is not only an exotic art but it also showcases the rich cultural heritage, beauty and craftsmanship of Kashmir and its people in one thread. The finesse exhibited by dexterous Kashmiri artisans has spellbound kings and queens from the times immemorial.


Unfortunately, in the present times, the Kashmiri crafts industry has been facing multiple challenges, bringing it close to extinction. This has affected not only the socio-economic lives of Kashmiri artisans but also made it difficult for people all over the world to have access to genuine handmade Kashmir products.


At Iekwat, we envision bridging the gap between genuine handmade Kashmiri craft products & the world. We believe that by working closely with the artisans and helping their craft reach all corners of the world through our medium, we will be able to save, promote & flourish this regal art and also bring smiles to the faces of artisans and craft -lovers.


An initiative by young Kashmiri entrepreneurs that helps talented Kashmiri artisans & the exotic craft to blossom, Iekwat envisions weaving an impactful and ethical tale for the craftsmen and the world.