The COVID19 pandemic as we all know has not only infected lakhs of people around the world but also caused a devastating impact on the economy resulting in job losses and threat to basic survival. The most adverse economic impact is being felt at the bottom of the societal pyramid where survival on a daily basis has become a challenge.


Handicraft sector is one of the backbones of the economy in Kashmir and provides livelihood to lakhs of artisans and their families.


At IEKWAT our responsibility has always been two-fold - first to help Kashmiri artisans live a dignified life by promoting their craft and second, to help craft lovers from all around the world get access to genuine handmade Kashmiri craft products.


COVID19 has impacted the Kashmiri artisans as well, the sales of their products have taken a hit, orders are being cancelled or new orders are not being placed at all.


We at IEKWAT have decided to do our bit and help the artisan community in this time of crisis.


We will be contributing 15% from every sale/pre-order made through our website to our artisans.


We request everyone to lend a helping hand to the Kashmiri artisan community in this time of crisis.


How you can help : 


1. Purchase/pre-book any product that you like (we are giving a flat 15% discount on all products)

2. We will inform you via mail whether the product is ready to ship or it will take some time to make.

3. We will ship your product as soon as restrictions are removed by the government.

4. In a rare case, if we are unable to full fill your order, we will fully refund your amount.

5. In case you desire to post-pone your purchase you can still contribute by sharing this post with as many people

   as possible.

For any suggestions/queries, we can be reached at