Cherished for centuries with a royal heritage of being adorned and admired by the mighty emperors, kings & nobles, Pashmina, today, is reckoned by the fashion mavens all across the globe. The impeccable craftsmanship & dexterity that weave this wonder fabric into a piece of "wearable art" is astounding. With proper care and love, this diamond fabric witnesses a story of a lifetime or even more. This outlines the beauty of Pashmina - it has a regal lineage of its own. It's handed down from generation to generation as a token of affection, care, and royalty, weaving the foundation of love that lasts forever.

The Sufi Touch

Kashmir shawls were famous in the times of Emperor Ashok (3rd century BC) but real craft of Pashmina making was brought to Kashmir by a Persian Sufi saint called Mir Syed Ali Hamdani in 13th century. Hamadani is regarded as having brought various crafts and industries from Iran(Persia) into Kashmir. It is said that he brought with him 700 followers, including weavers of carpets and shawls, who taught the craft of pashmina textile and carpet-making to the local Kashmiri population.

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