6 Simple Ways to Check Whether Your Pashmina is Genuine!

A real pashmina – luxuriously mushy, smooth and wispy-textured wool, is nothing short of a gem for the fashion mavens.

Pashmina, literally translates to ‘soft gold’ in Kashmiri language.

Pashmina, literally translated to ‘soft gold’ in Kashmiri language has majestically been admired and adorned by the royals since its discovery. A real pashmina – luxuriously mushy, smooth and wispy-textured wool, is nothing short of a gem for the fashion mavens across the globe and thus, like gems, it’s important to judge its authenticity. While it seems more like a task to determine whether what you’re buying is really genuine, it’s not that difficult!

We, at Iekwat, endeavor to bring Pashmina-lovers closest to this luxury; we offer 100% genuine Pashminas, directly sourced from the master Kashmiri artisans. But it’s still important for you to check it yourself! Let us make it easier for you; here are some quick & easy tests!

1. Diameter

The high-grade Pashmina weaves are within the range 14-15.5 microns. Never go for the varieties that are more than 19 microns as they rate low in quality. Keep in mind that lower the micron value, softer is the fabric.

2. Irregular weaves

Pure Pashmina shawls are spun in hand-looms and thus, have an irregular weave.

Place the Pashmina in light for the irregularities to become visible.

3. Dimensions & Ply

Normally, the standard dimension of Pashmina products is 36 by 80 inches. Do not go for the ones with bigger dimension, generally offered at low costs – they are not the original ones.

Besides, check whether the shawls are 2-ply or 3-ply only. Ply is the number of strands on the material; they make the cloth thicker. The lower ply ones are ideal for shawls and stoles.

4. Rubbing Test

An easy way to test if the fabric is genuine Pashmina is by performing the rubbing test. Upon stroking, if sparks are noticed, then the material is acrylic; in the case of plastic, the fabric attracts tiny particles. Both these phenomena are due to the accumulation of static electricity. Otherwise, the fabric can be assumed to be 100% Pashmina.

5. Ring Test

One of the simplest ways to test the genuineness of Pashmina fabric is by passing the shawl through a small ring; if manageable, the weave is genuine, else not.

6. Appearance

The majority of Pashmina products have matte consistency, but some variants have a slight sheen. If the shawls have a lot of sheen, those aren’t among'st the purest weaves.

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