Gift A Lifetime, Weaved Within A Pashmina

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Gifting Pashminas to a loved one is a splendid idea; to bring a smile to your friend, family member, or somebody special, all you need to do is to present them with Pashmina shawls, wraps, or stoles. The softness, wispiness, and smoothness of the Pashmina products are sure to make them fall in love with the flowy fabric and yes, adore you for the souvenir too.

Well, do you need more reasons for choosing Pashminas to gift to your near and dear ones? We sure can jot down tons of those!


Pashminas are popular because they are extremely versatile. They can be paired with just about any type of clothing. You could be attending any casual or formal function; there are several shades, patterns, and designs of Pashmina for mixing and matching with your outfit when attending the event. Whether wearing a skirt, leggings, dress, shorts, casual T-shirt, tunic, pants, or formal trousers, choose a Pashmina that is best-suited for your attire and spruce up your style quotient.

Varied Types of Wear

During any season, you can sport the Pashminas for accessorizing your look and enhancing your outwardly appearance. Be it the winter, fall, or spring season, you can adorn the Pashminas in several ways – depending on the type of personal fashion statement that you are seeking to make.

As a sarong, shawl, necktie, scarf, belt, skirt, bow, headscarf, artistic knot, the Pashminas can be worn. Besides, you can choose to tie your hair using a luxurious and smooth Pashmina stole.


Pashmina lasts for a lifetime. So, you can even hand down the Pashmina shawls to your future generations. You may be surprised to learn that during the past centuries, the Pashminas were handed over to the next generations and in fact, considered as family heirlooms. Also, many members of the royal families treasured their Pashminas products and took all measures to preserve the weaves. Even, in today’s times, several celebs are, often, seen flaunting the Pashminas at their various outings. This only goes to show that people’s love for the wispy-textured fabric only continues to grow and that too, by leaps and bounds.


Pashmina is distinctive as well. Some shawls made of the ‘diamond fabric’ have intricate hand-embroidered designs that are crafted by the artisans of the Kashmir valley. Indeed, the interweaving of the Pashmina is considered to be an intricate art: the artisans come with numerous years of experience for tailoring the shawls with precision.

The wool from which the Pashmina is handwoven is derived from the goats that wander the Himalayan Mountains. These majestic goats shed their undercoat, following which the womenfolk collect the wool and then, the fibers are knit by the Kashmiri artists into innovative Pashmina yarns.

Making a Meaningful Contribution

By gifting Pashmina goods, you are encouraging the artists to pursue the revered art. At Iekwat, we endeavor to promote the art of weaving Pashminas so as to provide a source of livelihood to the skilled craftsmen. Moreover, you can be assured of the genuineness of our Pashmina products as we are committed to preserving the ‘exquisite’ art.

Now, what could be a more meaningful gift than one that helps to keep the venerated art alive and in turn, gives the skillful artists a life of dignity too?

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