Is pashmina goat killed for its wool?

Well the goats used to make pashmina shed their winter coat every spring. Each goat sheds approximately 80-170 grams (3-6 ounces) of the fiber.

Around the time of spring goats naturally shed their undercoat which thicket by winter. And this undercoat is cleansed by combing the goat not by pruning as in other type of wools. The producer of pashmina wool is a nomadic tribe located high in the Himalayas (Ladakh) which are called Changpa. Fibrous pashmina is then exported to Kashmir, total stride from combing (removing impurities and guard hair, and aligning fibers, spinning, weaving and finishing) all are done by expertise which are craftsmen or women.

So, the answer is no!

No pashmina goat is ever killed for its wool as its regrow's all the wool once winter season arrives.

So go ahead ...own a Pashmina wool product that truly embodies the qualities of Warmth....Compassion...Elegance .... and Sustainable style statement.

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