Testimonies to Timeless Fashion - Celebrities & Their Love for the Pashmina

The royals of the bygone eras or the celebrities of today’s times have not been able to resist the soft charm of the Pashmina. The touch of the wispy-textured fabric on the skin can make you feel oh-so dreamy and think that you’re in la-la land. Even the fashion scene, as you know, is ever-changing, but the fashion maestros are always emerging with innovative, yet timeless Pashmina designs in a bid to woo the patrons and serve their clientele’s ever-growing Pashmina needs.

Pashmina: Celeb-Spotting

In fact, several celebs are Pashmina-lovers and seen crushing over the fabric’s soft touch. From Angelina Jolie, who prefers the solid varieties, to Kate Middleton, who is a fan of the brightly-colored ones, they all love their Pashmina. Celebs including the likes of Ashley Olsen, Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sharon Stone, Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon, and Rachel Weisz too, have not shied away from their love for the flowy fabrics and are seen sporting Pashmina stoles in a kaleidoscopic mix of colors and designs.

Gisele Bundchen is forever seen flashing her wide array of the Pashmina; notwithstanding, the season. Jennifer Aniston too, swears by her Pashmina assortment and collects the wraps in the diverse colors.

Reese Witherspoon is, also, seen adorning Pashmina and quite often; she prefers the bright-colored ones to liven up her gloomy outfits. Cameron Diaz was clicked with a Pashmina, one matching her outfit, on the red carpet as well.

Pashmina: Wardrobe Essentials

Pashmina stoles are a must-have in your wardrobe for their timelessly versatility features; they can be matched with shirts, shorts, trousers, pants, and almost any type of bottom wear - whether casual or formal. Restyle your outfit with the myriad vibrant colors of the Pashmina wraps to exude a colorful vibe and feel on top of the world.

Pashmina are available in a host of colors for pairing with any of your outfits. Several people prefer to own a handful in varied colors for pairing, matching, and accessorizing their look.

Traversing through the Himalayan mountains to the heavenly valley of Kashmir, the journey of the Pashmina continues, as stories unfold, and the wool is converted into soft woolens, bearing unique colors and patterns.

Pashmina can be draped in different ways, including as a headscarf, artistic knot, shawl, and sarong. Depending on your personal style statement, they can be adorned. Browse through the wide assortment of designs and color shades to take your pick among the lot.

Pashmina: Iekwat’s Pride

At Iekwat, our collection of Pashmina shawls is a unique blend of style, design, elegance, and distinctiveness. We believe, Pashmina entwine a story, while they are passed from one generation to another, strengthening the relationship bonds and crafting legacies.

Your preference could be solids, stripes, blocks, or the embroidered ones, at Iekwat, we are here to cater to your Pashmina whims and fancies.

Pashmina products provide a means of livelihood to the skilled Kashmiri artisans. Our endeavor, at Iekwat, is to source the products directly from the handicrafts men to the Pashmina fans so the enthusiasts can possess genuine Pashmina for flaunting at the various dos.

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