Which Pashmina is the best- Kashmiri, Mongolian, Chinese or Nepalese?

Embroidered Pashmina from Kashmir - The only place in the world where hand embroidered Pashminas are produced.

Pashmina as we all know is a fine type of cashmere wool and also for all those reasons that why it is so prevailing, the royal feeling it gives, the elegance it has. Pashmina is now being produced in various regions across the world and some of the popular ones are Kashmiri, Nepalese, Mongolian, Chinese etc. China produces the largest amount of pashmina but it does not produce the best quality pashmina. One of the major reasons behind is the micron count (fineness of hair) is 14 for Ladakh Pashmina while that of China is 16.

As also the concept of hand-loom is not common in China and on the other hand everyone just says out Pashmina after Kashmir while conversing about it. From all of these Kashmir is one of the earliest producers of pashmina and also one of the best producers of pashmina as heritage speaks for itself. Even till early twentieth century or before centuries the royal people or even kings and queens used to wear Kashmiri pashmina.

Kashmir is the only place in the world where intricate sozni (needle) embroidered and extremely beautiful and time consuming Kanni Pashmina shawls are made.

"Kanni Weaving" of Kashmir Pashmina Shawl

Kashmiri Pashmina was also worn at the time of Mahabharata when and where it was one of the favorites of the rulers it was also called as the Cord of Kings and undoubtedly it was also made from Kashmiri Pashmina.

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